The Bishop’s Blog: 2015 West Africa Mission Day 11 (Sunday, November 15th)

The wind down has begun here in Monrovia, but not before a busy day that included two meetings and 3 worship celebrations. I was honored to be the guest speaker at the 20th church anniversary celebration at service #3. My sermon: “The wait is over; ready for war!”—spiritual war, that is. We sang, we danced, we worshipped, we celebrated. My clothes were fully drenched when I reached the hotel. I think I could have literally wrung sweat out of my suit coat, shirt and t-shirt!

Before I ministered, I presented gifts to Pastor and Mother Wennie on behalf of myself, my Lady Jai and Faith To Face Ministries.


After I preached (and, by God’s grace, I preached,  do you hear me?!?) we danced for a good l’il while! There were probably 500 people in that place and we were all rejoicing. At one point the Praise Team came over and pulled me out on the dance floor and the African in this African American rose up! (Still definitely not quite African-smooth, I’m afraid!) I danced with the Praise Team and Pastor Wennie and I even paired up as the choir (and photographers!) surrounded us. What a time, what a time, what a time! (The pictures are on my camera; I’ll try to remember to post them here once I upload them.)

En route to the first service this morning, I felt impressed to share a word taken from Jude 24-25. I’d preached a related word from Eph. 3:20 back home last year: “Him that is able!” I’d almost convinced myself that I was just recalling how awesome that message was when it came to mind today and that I just wanted to share an encore here—then we walked into that first service (at Christian Worship Center with Pastor Payne) and what were they singing at that very moment? “He is able (to carry me through)!” Now mind you, we were 30 minutes behind schedule when we arrived for service. Had we been on time, not only would that song not have been being sung right when I walked in, I wouldn’t have even been thinking about sharing a message about “Him that is able” since the Lord hadn’t impressed it on my spirit until about 15 minutes before we arrived—that is, when we were already 15 minutes late. It was clearly a set up! I carried that word with me every other time I ascended a pulpit for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow we travel to Dwazon where Faith To Face Ministries purchased property several years ago and where I am hoping we will at long last be able to build a reception center that will serve as a place for our teams to stay when coming to Liberia to serve, as a chapel for the members of Faith To Face Ministries in Liberia and as a low cost alternative to hotels for other missions groups when they come to Liberia (with the revenue being pumped right back into ministry here!). You can help! Visit our GoFundMe page at and make a donation. I’ll be returning to the States with the architect’s drawings for the project and will post them to the page (but you can donate right now!) By the way, you can always give directly via our mimistry website, too (

Until tomorrow…