The Bishop’s Blog: 2015 West Africa Mission Day 12 (Monday, November 16th)

“Bishop, what do you think about the visit this time?”, asked Pastor Anthony Wennie as we traveled back from Dwazon, Liberia where we’d just visited the Faith To Face Ministries property. “This visit has been a turning point”, I replied.

A turning point. After nearly 13 years coming to this, Africa’s oldest republic, I have felt, witnessed and been used to usher in a shift in the move of God in and by OHM Liberia. Pastor Wennie’s response to my reply was that he and Mother Wennie had discussed this same notion earlier this morning. I was personally blessed by their additional observation that they’ve witnessed me move to a new level of anointing. I receive it!

The visit to the site made one thing crystal clear: We have to build! I’d forgotten how large our space is! It’s been so long since we bought the property,  though, that sand erosion has started to reach the concrete fence that we had erected. (I am committed to getting the work underway asap and hope you’ll help by making a donation at

After leaving the property we headed to town for a little shopping. Where? Waterside,  where else! While I don’t get lots of clothes when I visit (used to when we were first coming), I still pick up a few items each time I come. This time the focus was on a few little people.



Thinking of focus, I enjoyed some unexpected “hang time” with K.O. (my driver) and Pastors Fayiah Harris and Willie Topoe while out and about today. As we walked around Waterside and then made our way back up Randall to the Benson/Gurley area (up steep hills in the heat of the day!—I’ve lost 10 pounds if I’ve lost an ounce this trip!), we did what guys do when they have time: We talked. We talked about everything from the differences between shopping experiences here and back in the US, to how Africans often tend to change their public lifestyles once they reach the states, to the problems with credit cards and high interest loans to why people will take incredible creativity and ingenuity and use it for identity theft and fraud rather than apply it to good works that can benefit society . We even discovered that, like in the states, there seems to be at least one person in every church in Liberia who the Lord speaks to more than he spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, all the prophets and their pastor combined! 🙂 Conclusion: People are people everywhere!

On the way back to the hotel I asked my driver and the pastors who were with me if we could pull over and take a picture. Do you see why? It’s easy to forget that the western border of Liberia is the Atlantic Ocean and parts of Monrovia are beachfront. It’s beautiful…and amazing to think that 6 thousand miles northwest across that same ocean is New York, USA. Home.


Until tomorrow…