The Bishop’s Blog: 2015 West Africa Mission Day 13

Back in Ghana.


Thankful for another safe (albeit turbulent) from Monrovia to Accra. Grateful to the members of the OHM Ghana team who met me at the airport (again) and transported me to the hotel. From the gracious and attentive care in Liberia  for the past week to the same here in Ghana, I’ve just been truly blessed. (When I went to check out of the hotel in Monrovia this afternoon and prepared to pay for my incidental—meal, laundry, etc.—I learned that OHM Liberia had taken care of everything! My room AND incidentals. So touched. So honored. So humbled.)

Even the hotel here in Accra  has gotten the “let’s bless him” bug. They put me in a suite for the night! (I’ll actually only be hear for about 10 hours but still!)

The flight tomorrow is 11 1/2 hours. Getting through Immigration, Baggage and Customs at JFK usually takes another hour. Getting to the Rental Car Center and loaded up in the car, another 30 minutes. Drive home, 4 1/2 hours.  Lots of time to reflect…lots to reflect upon.

Until tomorrow…