The Bishop’s Blog: Getting Back to Basics in West Africa (Final Day in Liberia)

The final day here in Monrovia, Liberia (for this time) has been a productive one. The meeting with the OHM Liberia General Body went well and some very important operational decisions were made in the process. Thank you for your partnership and honoring me as your father in the Lord: Bishop Anthony Wennie, Pastor James Payne, Pastor Benson Ayenje, Pastor Willie Topoe II, Pastor Freeman Kollie, Pastor Issac Gibson, Pastor Jeremiah Kanuking and Pastor Bruel Kolubah!
After the meeting I had a session with Pastor Topoe regarding developing the property highlighted in yesterday’s post. When the session wrapped I had a good idea as to what the next steps are and am hopeful that we’ll start addressing them before the end of the year.
Returning to the hotel I had a quick chat with my Lady Jai and then took a nap before heading down to The Bash (formerly the Lion’s Den Restaurant) for Lunch/Dinner. (I’ve been eating a very small breakfast each day—a slice of toast, a hardboiled egg, a sausage/hot dog and a cup of tea—and having a hot meal before 4PM and that’s pretty much it besides snacking on Pringles and butter cookies in the evenings.) Dinner today was, what else, Liberian Style Chicken!
Day 2 of the revival was awesome! There’s something about preaching here in Liberia this year that’s just been a blast. The presence of God was in the place and the anointing to teach and preach that the Lord visited on me was super special! We even sang “my song” (“My Hallelujah Belongs To You!”). Hallelujah!
Tomorrow…Ghana. Thanks for your continued prayers and support. 
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