The Bishop’s Blog: Getting Back To Basics in West Africa (Day 9)

Day 3 in Ghana. Day 8 in Africa. Day 9 of this journey. Heading home in 2 days.
It’s interesting how I (by God’s grace?) begin to disconnect with where I am and begin reconnecting with where I left about 72 hours before departure. I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 hours working—on work…Corning work. I am still without a working laptop but since the Internet here is much more stable, I have been able to use my tablet to access my work email and files. After 3 or 4 hours I have still only scratched the surface. It is after 11 p.m. now, though, so I stopped working and have started recording this blog.
I actually wasn’t feeling well much of yesterday so I didn’t make an entry; that means that today you are going to get two for the price of one. Actually, the focus of both yesterday and today has been on the organisation here in Ghana. Yesterday the group was the new executive team and today but group was just a bunch of old and new prospects. It was especially awesome to reconnect with some of the men who were with us back in the summer of 2008 when we first launched what would become OHM Ghana. During the meeting I was wonderfully blessed to hear the men speak of how this fellowship has positively impacted them. In particular they noted both the elevation that they’ve experienced in their ministries as a result of their connection to this fellowship and the training and words of encouragement I’ve provided over the years. They also spoke of the process that I took them through leading up to ordination. They commented that it made them feel like they had a father who had their backs and who had helped them understand and legitimize the calling on their lives. It was so gratifying and so confirming and so touching to hear how they “get” why this Fellowship exists in the first place. Furthermore, they reconfirmed the need for this Fellowship to continue to grow and thrive here in West Africa. Wow, I was blown away. We ended our nearly four hours together with prayer and a photo op. You can see the group pictured below. (Behind me from l to r are Bishop Wennie, a Pastor Jackong—who had been invited by Pastor Odoi, Pastor Damptey,  Pastor Boison, Pastor Odoi and Pastor Mayaro. Oh, and the other picture is of Pastor Wennie and me with Isaac in the hotel restaurant—he spoke fondly of the team that was here with me back in February so I thought they’d get a kick out of seeing him!)
So, after 2 days of meetings, just like in Liberia, the operating plan for 2018 for OHM in Ghana has been set. We are excited about “Getting Back To Basics”!
Next: OHM USA…but not before winding down the time here. Gonna get out and travel around a bit tomorrow and have been invited to preach at the Headquarters of Change Life Baptist Church on Sunday. Believe God with me that he will release a word through  me that will indeed change lives!
As always, your prayers are needed, are welcome and are appreciated.
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