The Bishop’s Blog – 2015 West Africa Mission Day 8

My first full day back in Liberia has been great! I had a great meeting with Pastor Anthony Wennie, the president of OHM Liberia and then had a productive meeting with the entire executive leadership team of the Branch. After the meetings it was back to the hotel to do some work and finish preparing for the revival service I was slated to minister at tonight. As the time drew closer, I found myself growing more and more excited to be used by God however he chose.

And use me, he did! I make my boast in the Lord when I tell you that Mattie’s boy preached tonight! Hey, hey!!! I was led to use the opportunity to continue sharing on the topic, “Divine Encounter”. Oh, but tonight, unlike the word that was released in Ghana, the Lord really had a focus on our enemies. The backdrop was fear. Just like unforgiveness, many of God’s people are bound by fear; especially fear of their enemies. We agreed and declared tonight that we would no longer be bound by fear. Because God has not given us the spirit of fear, we do not have to accept it! Another focus tonight that was different from in Ghana was on the idea of being arrested. Those back home will note that God has, well, arrested me with this topic of being arrested and the fact that when we are arrested by him it is certainly a divine encounter. In Paul’s case after he was on his way to arrest the people of God in Damascus and wound up being arrested by God instead, it changed the entire course of his life and the life of the church. By God’s grace, he caused me to declare that the church in Liberia and even the nation, like the church in Paul’s day after his conversion, is entering a season of rest,  revival and multiplied increase! Hallelujah!!! All it took was for one enemy to have a divine encounter! Instead of petitioning God to just remove our enemies, we asked him to give them a divine encounter! Rest, revival, multiplied increase! O, I receive that for the church in America as well. Glory!!!

I reminded the crowd that Liberia had encountered several enemies in the recent past: an enemy named civil war, an enemy named poverty, an enemy named governmental corruption, an enemy named Ebola…but because there is a God named Jehovah in Liberia who is bigger than any enemy, Liberia is still standing. The words of that prophetic song that I heard on my first trip here, in 2003 during the war, dealing with armed soldiers at checkpoints every night and a devastated nation during the day, those words rose up in my spirit tonight and leapt out in a prophetic declaration: “Liberia, sweet land of liberty,  we prophesy to you: You will rise, you will shine, you will prosper in Africa and the world!” It is so, in Jesus’ name!

Before relinquishing my stand, I called for those who had been gripped by fear to come to the altar—reminding them that the work of deliverance had already been done and declaring that the altar work was a point of contact for the release of the full manifestation of the work. There may have been 100 people who flooded the altar! They will never, ever be gripped by fear again in Jesus’ name!

Well, by the time I’d been escorted out of the church and reached the car for the drive back to the hotel,  I declared to the men bearing arms for me that I might not need the car; I could just run back, I was feeling so high! Back at the hotel I was still flying. I couldn’t even order dinner! I settled for a few Vienna sausage, some Pringles and two Oreos for dinner. I drank a Coke,  wanted another, but opted for a little fruit juice and a bottle of water instead. Maybe I’ll be able to chow down after tomorrow night’s service. I’m preaching again and expect the next round go higher!

Thanks to Pastor Topoe (and new batteries) I do have several pictures and video clips from tonight but the Internet is so slow that I can only connect by phone so can’t get my photos from the computer onto my phone. I’ve included an “after glow” selfie instead.

Until tomorrow…