The Bishop’s Blog: 2015 West Africa Mission Day 9


I can’t imagine many things more unsettling when traveling abroad than feeling sick and not knowing what options you have for redress, if any. After “flying” back to the hotel after a truly amazing worship experience last night,  a few hours later when I went to bed I was almost immediately not feeling well. I literally thought that if I didn’t get some relief I might have to see if I could get a flight home today!

I made it through the night, not much sleep though.  I still didn’t feel well this morning and thought that I’d have to cancel all or at least part of my very full agenda. I just couldn’t! So I didn’t! I thought I was about to pass out at the beginning of my first meeting but clung to faith and soldiered on…through 7 meetings, followed by an 80 minute drive to Brewerville, another 80 minutes back to Monrovia and a room change (from 201 to 110 since the TV and Internet weren’t working—110 is the same room I was moved to when I was here 2 years ago…that time because the room I was originally in was, well, not one the hotel wanted even their worst guest occupying). After all that I just had enough time to change and head to service.


I decided not to call my wife to tell her I was not feeling well (and that the only place I’d wanted to be at the height of my discomfort was at home with her and the kids). I didn’t want her 7 thousand miles away worrying but I needed her and the Intercessors to pray so I called her before service. Naturally she was concerned to learn that I was feeling sick and that I was still going to go minister and hadn’t my hosts how bad I was feeling but I did sense, nonetheless, that she trusted me to do the right thing (although if she’d had his number she certainly would have called Pastor Wennie and ratted me out). She did make me promise to let the pastors here know that I needed their prayers. I did. God answered! The service was off the chain!


(Just a glimpse at what happened when the praises went up!)



So why the drive to Brewerville?  Well, see for yourself: To see Pastor Ogunwumi!



Liberian Style Chicken. Need I say more?

Until tomorrow…