The Seal of The Bishop

Bishop Vaughn received the messages conveyed in the Seal of the Bishop by divine inspiration as he strolled down “ministry lane” and was impressed by the Holy Ghost to take note of those characteristics and principles that have highlighted and punctuated his nearly 30 years of ministry.

The key feature of the seal is the Bishop’s Crest containing a quartet of images that taken together are emblematic of Bishop Vaughn’s life and ministry:

  • The Eagle is a well know symbol of bravery, courage and freedom. Eternally grateful to have been set free from the ravages of and bondage to sin, Bishop Vaughn is a mighty man of valor whose very name, Mark, means “brave one”. 
  • Next to the Eagle is the Flame of Fire. While the Holy Ghost typically comes to mind when we think of fire, it’s what He does that is captured here: He purifies and as a result we are empowered to be people of integrity. Bishop Vaughn is as man of recognized integrity and strives to integrate integrity and excellence into every aspect of ministry and leadership. 
  • Below the Flame of Fire is the Descending Dove which represents the ever-present, ever-saturating, ever-renewing anointing and appointment of the Lord. Bishop Vaughn, his ministry and the fellowship he now leads are anointed and appointed by God for such a time as this! 
  • The Sheep next to the Descending Dove not only represents the flocks of God Bishop Vaughn is called to lead and under-shepherd but the humility with which he approaches this calling. In January, 1991 the Lord encouraged Bishop Vaughn to remain humble and He would exalt him. This truly is the Lord’s doing!

Under-girding the Crest are the Bishop’s Staff, signifying his call to be a shepherd and a shepherd of shepherds and the Episcopal Key signifying access to the kingdom and all of the promises of God. The ruby on the end of the key is a symbol of truth.

Underneath it all, the foundation of the seal and of the ministry of Bishop Vaughn, is the power, presence and provision of God. These are poignantly demonstrated by the Ark of the Covenant, without which no Bishopric or ministry can be established. Above it all is the crown, which is significant of both secular and spiritual authority and influence as well as dominion and dignity.

The dominant and rich colors of the seal, red, gold and purple, are most apropos for the office to which Bishop Vaughn has been elevated.

The Seal of Bishop was inspired seal was God-breathed and the vision Bishop Vaughn expressed was beautifully captured by ABC Graphics of Manhattan. The resulting emblem is as stunning as it is stately and truly captures the call and character of the Bishopric.