West Africa Missions

Since the first OHM Pastoral Fellowship was created in Liberia, West Africa in 2003, Bishop Mark Vaughn has made it a focus to maintain a presence in West Africa. As the fellowship flourished and was formalized, Bishop Mark consistently saw the value of maintaining connection with the pastors and ministers on the ground. To that end, OHM-USA (the US branch of the fellowship) had made regular missions trips a goal. OHM-USA pastors and ministers have sponsored missions trips practically every other year since 2003. The focus of these missions trips has remained the same since their inception, and have three main goals: Fellowship, Training, and Outreach.



Making and sustaining connection by visiting with member churches and spending time with the pastors of the West Africa branches and their families.


Training Opportunities

Each missions trip involves hosting men’s, women’s, youth, and ministry leader conferences.



Reaching out and sharing the love of Christ with others, OHM has always made it a point to connect with local institutions (schools, orphanages, displaced persons camps, hospitals, etc.) in order to understand their goals, needs, and provide help where we can.